how to make pastry dough in a bread machine leaftv

Quick Method for Thawing Frozen Bread Dough LEAFtv

Put the frozen bread dough in a large sealed plastic bag. Fill the sink with warm (not extremely hot) water, then place the dough in the water. (If the water is too hot, it may activate the yeast in the dough.) You may have to change the water a few times as the frozen dough cools it, but this method can cut thawing time in half.

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How to Convert Active Dry Yeast to Instant Yeast LEAFtv

Two common types of yeast that people use at home to make bread and pastries are active dry yeast and instant yeast. Instant yeast is sometimes known by other names, such as bread machine yeast, quick-rise yeast, fast-rising yeast or rapid-rise yeast. Instant yeast has smaller particles than active ...

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What Is the Equivalent of Dry Yeast to Cake Yeast? eHow

That's enough yeast to leaven a batch of bread with 3 to 4 cups of flour. Fresh cake yeast is sold in two sizes, smaller blocks of 0.6 ounce or larger cakes of 2 ounces. One small block, or one-third of the larger block, is equivalent to an envelope of dry yeast and will raise the same amount of dough.

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